JOE VS THE WOODCHUCK , Chapter Eighteen

You have no idea the pains I've gone to over the years to woodchuck-proof under our front porch. (I already mentioned how we gave up trying to grow vegetables.) Anyway, here, captured on our woodchuck security camera is another woodchuck! Undeterred by the impervious barricades I have installed all around, she simply started digging . When she was out, I put patio blocks in the hole and one very large rock. This will be a temporary fix, I'm sure, if history is any precedent. I feel badly about it--I really do, but couldn't she find somewhere else to roost, like in a "hedgerow" like they do in storybooks? If anyone has ANY SUGGESTIONS at all, please contact me here at Woodchuck Defense HQ in Walden. A few years back, by the way, she dragged an entire plastic tablecloth off our table on the porch, leaving a trail of smashed clay flowerpots and little woodchuck footprints. You gotta laugh. If you can.

photo woodchuck security cam, patent pending.


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