Sophie Turner Reveals What Priyanka Chopra Taught Her About Confidence

Priyanka Chopra is sister-in-law goals. Sophie Turner opened up about her relationship with her fellow #Jsister in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, revealing Priyanka gave her a key piece of advice about confidence. Sophie admitted she feels like "nobody really has that much" when it comes to confidence except, perhaps, her sister-in-law.

"I asked her, 'Where do you get all this confidence from?'," Sophie said, "and she said, 'Well, of course I'm insecure about bits and bobs, but if you want to get the reaction that you want to get, you have to walk into that room and be confident, and walk into that room and own it, and make people feel welcome and loved and happy to be there with you.'"

"So that's what I've learned about confidence," she continued. "I think nobody really has that much, but if you own it and pretend to be that person, you'll get a much warmer response, and so I'm trying to do that."

While Sophie and Priyanka aren't officially in-laws yet, they will be soon. Sophie and Joe Jonas are set to tie the knot sometime this summer, but it seems like this family is already as close as can be.

Photo: Sophie Turner

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