Americans Are the 2nd Biggest Liars in the World, Canadians Come In 1st (?)

I've got nothing but love for our neighbors up north. Supposedly Canadians are known for being overly polite all the time. Now it's being questioned. Is it all just an act? Because according to a new study they also might be the biggest LIARS in the world (???)

Teenagers from a bunch of different countries were given a list of mathematical concepts. And they had to say whether they were familiar with each one or not. But several of the concepts on the list were totally FAKE.

Teens in Canada were the most likely to claim they'd heard of the fake concepts before. Meaning they were the most dishonest. America ranked second, followed by Australia, New Zealand, and England. And overall, boys were more likely to lie than girls.

(To be fair, they only included eight countries in the study. In addition to the five already mentioned, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland were also included.)

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