My Favorite April Fools Jokes From Around the Internet

The internet never fails to entertain on April Fools Day and it seems like with every year companies get more and more creative. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web.

Google Maps - Play the classic game Snake in your favorite city

Google Home - They've found a way to talk to plants!


Spotify - Discover Weekly or Discocover Weekly?

Roku - A remote for dogs?


McDonalds - Milkshake flavored dips! Finally!


Honda - The Honda Pastport, all the look of a modern vehicle with none of the convenience!


Popchips - Single servings individually wrapped in a way that looks...interesting

Tinder - A height verification badge. Pretty useful honestly...

Duolingo - Duolingo Push. Just in case you need a little extra help getting your time in every day.


April Fools!


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