Meet Q92's Co-Teachers of the Month from Highland Elementary . . .

Wednesday, Michelle and I visited Highland Elementary School to present Teacher of the Month Awards to fourth grade co-teachers, Sherri Fasano and Jessica Heissenbuttel. We had a wonderful time and I think everyone in attendance, especially their very enthusiastic class, did too. We received a glowing nomination from one of their students, Paige, pictured here, and I think by everyone's reactions, they wholeheartedly supported with the motion!

Besides the plaques, Ms. Fasano and Ms. Heissenbuttel received a number of nice gifts, as well as that $100 check from TEG Federal Credit Union to be used for something for the entire class (who already had plans, apparently, for how they wanted to "invest" it. ha ha ha)

It's not too late to nominate your special teacher to be Teacher of the Month. You'll find all the details here.

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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