Q92 TEG Federal Credit Union 9:30 Coffee Break

During the Coffee Break with Joe and Michelle ☕ we learned...

The Woody character in "Toy Story" was originally supposed to be a ventriloquist dummy, not a cowboy.

The word "care" in "care package" was originally an acronym for "Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere." An organization called CARE started in 1945 to send packages of food to starving people in Europe after World War Two.

Cars didn't get ignition keys until Chrysler created them in 1949. Before that, the only thing keeping cars from getting stolen was door locks.

You always hear about "Lassie" saving Timmy when he fell down a well. But it never happened, not in any of the 571 episodes. The only character who ever fell down a well was LASSIE.

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