#BeEqual: IBM's Effort to Promote Women's Equality in IT

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending IBM's #BeEqual initiative at the IBM Poughkeepsie campus. Be Equal is all about finding ways to promote equality in leadership positions.

Here's a small clip that explains the idea better than I can:


I attended this event with Cameron Hendrix, our resident news expert over at WKIP, and we stood listening to many women speak their minds on this issue and give advice on how we can move forward as a society. The event encouraged the women in attendance to make a "Be" statement such as "Be assertive", "Be vocal", and "Be Inclusive" as a way of finding solutions to the equality issues we see in the workforce today.

One statement that struck a cord with me particularly was made by the keynote speaker, Linda Sanford, former Senior Vice President and Group Executive for IBM Storage Systems Group, who said that if she could tell her younger self anything it would be to take more risks. I think I personally have a tendency to play it safe, but how many opportunities have I missed because of that? Women being brave enough and strong enough to assert themselves in the workplace and fight for what they deserve is what we need in this day and age and #BeEqual is one of many ways IBM is looking to make a positive change.

Read more about #BeEqual here.


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