We Forget Five Things a Day Thanks to Technology

We Forget Five Things a Day Thanks to Technology

Technology makes life easier in a lot of ways. But we're so dependent on it now, we can't even do simple tasks anymore . . .

A recent poll found the average person can get away with not remembering FIVE things a day, because technology does it for them. And more than a third of us feel like we don't have to remember ANYTHING anymore.

The top five things we forget because of technology are: Passwords . . . other people's phone numbers . . . how to spell certain words . . . how to write legibly, especially young people . . . and how to do basic math.

Our OWN phone number just missed the top five in 6th place. Somehow, 13% of people in the poll said they don't know their own number off the top of their head.

A few more that made the top 20 are other people's addresses . . . birthdays . . . names . . . directions . . . and what time your favorite shows are on.

60% of people in the poll said the main reason we forget easy stuff like that is because we know we can just google it. 

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