You Can Teach Your Kids CPR …Thanks To "Baby Shark"

You Can Teach Your Kids CPR …Thanks To "Baby Shark"

Parents have heard "Baby Shark" more than enough already. But if you can tolerate it a few more times, it might save your LIFE someday.

Apparently schools have started using "Baby Shark" to teach kids CPR, because it has just the right number of beats per minute for chest compressions.

"Stayin' Alive"by The Bee Gees is another popular song that's used. It's 104 beats per minute. But your kids probably don't know that song and won't remember it.

But "Baby Shark"is 115 beats per minute, which works too. Anything between 100 and 120 beats is fine.

And it's so popular, they'll probably know it the rest of their lives and help save lives.

(Lifehacker) (Here's a video of kids using "Baby Shark" to learn CPR.) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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