Top 5 Craziest Discoveries After Taking At Home DNA Tests

  1. After years of getting large sums of money as gifts from an "uncle", a man found out the Uncle was in fact his father. When he asked his mother she said it was true, as she was the CFO of the company his "uncle" ran.
  2. A woman found she wasn't related at all to her paternal grandparents as it was found that her father was switched with another baby in the hospital shortly after being born.
  3. A DNA test revealed that Lydia Fairchild wasn’t the mother of the children she had given birth to. Single mother Fairchild had two children with another on the way when finances got tight, and she decided to apply to government assistance. Fairchild was asked to take a DNA test to confirm the children were hers. The results suggested she was their aunt. Confused, scared, and accused of fraud, Fairchild arranged to have a government witness present at the birth of her third child, and a DNA test was performed on the spot. Again, Fairchild was not a match as the mother to the child she had just birthed. Finally, scientists figured out that Fairchild was a “chimera”—she had absorbed a twin while she was in the womb; it was the twin’s DNA that was showing up in the maternity tests.
  4. Kelli Rowlette knew she wasn’t related to her father—her parents had used a sperm bank to conceive her. However after consulting with, Rowlette learned that the fertility doctor her parents worked with used his own semen to impregnate her mother. Rowlette has a lawsuit pending against the retired doctor for fraud, medical negligence, battery, emotional distress, and breach of contract.
  5. A man found out at the age of 74 that his lifelong best friend that grew up down the street was in fact his half brother who was adopted outside of the family.

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