Weird Home Remedies That Might Actually Work

Each of our grandparents seemed to have a way to heal us without going to the doctor. None of us were exactly sure if Grandpa putting a pickle on our head would clear up our sinuses but we would definitely give it a shot to get some relief. Here are some other potential solutions that may...or may not work.

  1. Use Garlic and Olive Oil for Athlete’s Foot: Everyone knows garlic is good for you, but did you know that it can fix your athlete’s foot? Just mince some garlic cloves, mix them with natural olive oil, and then use a bit of cotton to rub this mixture onto the affected area between the toes.
  2. Potato Slices for Headaches: Just cut a few slices from a raw potato, soak them in a very thin cloth, and apply them to your forehead or directly to the temples.
  3. Ease Cuticle Infections with Vinegar: Cuticles all torn up and infected? Make a glass of vinegar and warm water, then put your fingers in it for about 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure once a day or so until the infection fades away.
  4. Olive Oil for Eczema: Olive oil, which is full of antioxidants and is often used as an ingredient in professional skin creams, isn’t just good for athlete’s foot: it can ease the symptoms of eczema as well. Simply rub some olive oil onto the eczema-affected areas of your skin, and it should help quite a bit.
  5. Get Rid of Warts with Duct Tape: Instead of going to all the work to get your warts frozen off, just cover them with duct tape. After cleaning a wart off, just apply a strip of the tape to the affected area, and then keep it there for three days. After that, remove, rub the wart area with a pumice stone, and then apply new tape. Continue this process every three days until the wart goes away.

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