Valentines Day Through the Years

I found this list of Valentines Day polls on the Huffington Post that I just had to share:

  • 1988, Parents Magazine: “Which of the following activities would you least like to be doing on Valentine’s Day?”

40% said serving as a juror on a divorce trial

20% said dining in a romantic restaurant alone

35% said having to watch eight hours of Love Boat reruns

6% not sure

  • 1989, Parents Magazine, in a survey of women: “Would Donald Trump be a perfect companion for Valentine’s Day, would he be acceptable but not your first choice, or would you not want to spend Valentine’s Day with this person?”

7% said he'd be the perfect companion

27% said he's acceptable but not their first choice

57% do not want to spend the day with him

8% no answer

  • 1999, Maritz AmeriPoll, in a survey of those who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day: “Why don’t you celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

30% said nobody to celebrate with

15% said it's not a real holiday/Hallmark holiday

11% Think it’s silly/unimportant

21% don’t believe in it

23% other

  • 2002, LavaLife: “Will you buy a Valentine’s gift for your pet?

10% yes

59% no

30% do not have a pet

Of those who said yes, 22% planned to spend more on their pet than their significant other

  • 2014, Fox News: “Which is more important when choosing someone to be your Valentine―finding someone who shares your political views or finding someone who shares your sense of humor?”

7% said political views

80% said sense of humor

7% volunteered that they’d require both

3% cared about neither, and another 3% weren’t sure

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!


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