I Went to the John Mulaney/Pete Davidson Show And This is What Happened

If you've grown up in the Hudson Valley you know, we're close enough to the action that we can get to it easily but the action hardly ever comes to us. So when this show was announced I was a little confused, did they book the wrong city by accident?

Heading into the theater my boyfriend and I were a little wary, there were parking attendants letting us all know that no cell phones were allowed inside the Ulster Performing Arts Center per performer request. Weird, no? We joked around wondering how a theater full of Millenials was going to survive without their phones for two hours. If you had your phone on you, you had to put it in a Kubra pouch that locked them during the duration of the show, which explained the line of people wrapped all the way around the block.

As the show started it quickly became apparent why they didn't allow phones in, Pete Davidson is colorful to put it mildly and he was obviously using the freedom of not having to worry about a video leaking on the internet to say anything and everything that crossed his mind. Even John Mulaney used the no phone policy as an opportunity to put on an ever so slightly more risque show than his usual solidly PG-13 set.

John and Pete are a strange combination that oddly just...work. The finale of the show had the two comedians on stage together just talking like buddies, riffing on the Oscar nominated Viggo Mortensen film "The Green Book". Mulaney and Davidson have a habit of reviewing movies together, with a review of Clint Eastwoods "The Mule" being aired on Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update' last month. Both comedians put on such a solid performance that my boyfriend and I agreed, we didn't even miss our phones.



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