10 Most Stressful Modern-Day Scenarios

10 Most Stressful Modern-Day Scenarios

A new survey found 58% of Americans feel more stressed than ever. And because of all that stress, we're losing close to six hours of sleep a week . . . or about 12 days a year. Here are the top ten MODERN-DAY things that stress us out . . .

1. Losing your wallet or credit card.

2. Arguing with your significant other.

3. Sitting in traffic.

4. Losing your phone.

5. Being late for work.

6. A slow internet connection.

7. Your phone battery going dead.

8. Not being able to remember a password.

9. Credit card fraud.

10. Forgetting your phone charger. The survey also found the average person starts stressing about their battery when it gets down to 23%. 

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