5 Thoughts on Turning 25

Here's a list of 5 thoughts I had on turning 25 today. It's only 5 cause let's be honest, nobody wants to read a list of 25 things...

  • I am now the same age the characters on Friends were when the show started (and the show and I both turn 25 this year)

  • Everything's somehow both harder and easier than I thought it would be

Rent and student loans? Hard. Having a healthy relationship and a job you love? Not easy, but not as hard as I thought.

  • The urge to seasonally decorate and garden really comes out of nowhere

HomeGoods is like my family

  • You simultaneously become more confident and yet more aware of your shortcomings

Is this what maturing feels like?

  • You realize you have more in common with your parents than your teenage sibling

This one's pretty specific to me but I think we can all agree that trends are becoming increasingly harder to keep up with

Bonus 6th thought:

Blogging for your job turns out to be your new favorite thing!


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