Average American Laughs 8 Times a Day And 10 Most Universally Funny Things

The Average American Laughs Eight Times a Day . . . Plus the Ten Most Universally Funny Things

The average American laughs eight times a day, according to a new survey. Hopefully a few more if you listen to MY show.

The survey also looked at the most universally funny things that get a chuckle out of us. And it's a big win for us fathers everywhere, because DAD JOKES made the list and since I got my Bad Dad Jokes Calendar from my family for Christmas, I’ve been posting on Facebook each day’s bad joke. Here are the top 10 things that make us laugh . . .

1. Things our kids say.

2. Sitcoms on TV.

3. Memes and animal videos.

4. Reality TV.

5. As I mentioned Dad jokes.

6. Knock-knock jokes.

7. People mispronouncing words. We torture my mom on relentlessly when she screws up a word.

8. Bad photos of people.

9. Puns.

10. Watching someone trip and fall. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that wasn't #1.

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