8 - Eight!

8 / Eight - is the number of times WE, LOL!  Laughter is so fun, sometime it can bring you to tears (which feels great)!  A new survey found that the most common thing that causes people to laugh is the things that their kids say followed by TV sitcoms!  Really!!!

Here's the list of other things that make us laugh!  

Memes/ animal videos (37%) ~ Reality TV (32%) ~ Dad jokes (27%) ~ Knock-knock jokes (25%) ~ Mispronunciations (25%) ~ Bad pictures (24%) ~ Puns (21%) ~ Someone tripping (20%)

There are times where I'm watching t.v. separate from the husband and he'll come into the room and ask 'what are you laughing at....'?  It's usually while watching 'Mom', 'Everybody Love's Raymond', 'Will and Grace' or 'Blackish'....I guess it's true, #2 sitcoms do it for me and then they're's my 'little' Raelyn, she's seems to make me laugh on a regular basis! 

Photos courtesy, gettyimages.com


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