Winter Storm Harper

When I ventured to my 'neighborhood' supermarket, like most when I entered, I went to the right....right into an empty produce section.  My first thought was, 'some of the employees called in because of the weather conditions, so the shelf stocking was a bit behind'.  NO, not at all....and I realized as I'm talking to these two sweet young men who entertained my intense Q&A, that the truck hasn't arrived since Friday (this was Monday) because of the Winter Storm Harper (plus an electric casualty!  (not to mention the mass exodus to purchase everything one could before the end of the world.)

As I walked through, the vast shelves of empty display baskets, made me realize how much WE / me take things in life for granted.  I did feel weird taking these photos, but it was a bit odd to see.  Theemployees walked the aisles with smiles and good afternoon wishes, happy to be working on one of the coldest / windiest days of the year.  That's why I call THIS place, my 'neighborhood' supermarket!    

Photos courtesy, Michelle Taylor's iPhone


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