A 16-Year-Old Called 911 ...After Her Dad Took Her Phone Away

A 16-Year-Old Called 911 After Her Dad Took Her Phone Away

We love any story where a smug individual THINKS they knew how the world works, then gets hit with a nice dose of reality . . .

A 16-year-old girl outside Cleveland called 911 on Saturday to report a theft. And several officers responded.

But when they got to her house, they found out the "theft" she reported had to do with her dad punishing her by taking her PHONE away.

They had to explain to her that since she's under 18, it wasn't theft. And having a cell phone as a kid is a privilege not a right.

So in the end, she just made this worse on herself by calling 911. Because now she's in even more trouble.

They didn't charge her for misusing 911. But before they left, the cops told her to start following her dad's rules if she wants her phone back.

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