People Start Feeling "Too Old" to Workout at 41 and 10 Most Common Excuses

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People Start Feeling "Too Old" to Workout at 41 . . . Plus the 10 Most Common Reasons We Skip Exercising

I can't wait to exercise once I'm really old. Have you SEEN chair aerobics? Sign me up.

But according to a new survey, there's a point in everyone's life where they start to feel "TOO OLD" to work out. And the average age when that happens is . . . 41.

The survey also found the 10 most common excuses people give for skipping a work out. Check 'em out:

1. Too tired, 56%.

2. Too much work to do, 36%.

3. It was already late, 30%.

4. Bad weather, 28%.

5. Ate too much, 23%.

6. Stayed late at work, 22%.

7. Would rather stay in to binge watch TV, 15%.

8. It was dark outside, 12%.

9. Bad traffic, 12%.

10. Workout buddy canceled, 11%.

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