Man Screams at a Spider And Someone Mistook It for a Crime and Called 9-1-1

A Man Screams So Much at a Spider in His House That Someone Mistook It for a Crime and Called the Cops

There's nothing like getting your 15 minutes of fame for being a COWARD.

There's a guy named Rhys Howard in Perth, Australia. And last week, he FREAKED OUT . . . when he saw a spider in his house.

Apparently Rhys has a deep fear of spiders that goes all the way back to when one landed on his head as a kid. So he panicked and started screaming . . . which made his toddler start crying.

Eventually, Rhys tried to crush the spider with a diaper, but when it kept surviving his attacks, he yelled "Why won't you die?" at it.

Well . . . someone walking by heard a man yelling "why won't you die?" and a child crying, and called the cops.

THREE cop cars rushed to the scene. But when they got there, they found out what was really going on.

And by the time they got there, Rhys HAD killed the spider with the diaper.

(ABC News Australia Image (c) 2019 GettyImages

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