Chinese School Uniforms Include Trackers Now (???)

Chinese School Uniforms Include Trackers Now (???)

Now, China has added an extra level of surveillance for their citizens. According to reports, Chinese schools are providing students with uniforms that include tracking chips in the shoulders.

Not only that, some schools reportedly have facial recognition technology installed at their entrances so they can make sure students are wearing the right uniforms. This means that students can forget about playing hooky. If someone wearing the uniform tries to cut class, or swap uniforms with a friend to cheat the system, an alarm will go off thanks to the chips.

That brings the concept of a “tracksuit” to a whole new level… especially since students may not even be tracked only during school hours. Apparently, the chips are able to locate them outside of school, as well.

So far, 10 schools are reportedly utilizing the new uniforms.

Source: BGR

Image (c) 2018 Getty Images


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