Joe & Michelle's Holiday Concert Series Week 4 Review!

This colorful assortment of holiday revelers ready to sing are the Ketcham Keynotes!  They always dress up when they come to sing, so that's why I decided to wear my over-the-top Christmas sport jacket, so I'd fit in.  Their performance was a great way to wind up the Joe & Michelle Q92 Holiday Concert Series for 2018!  

Special thanks to our Concert Series sponsors:  Quality Dental Care and Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law  Also, thank you to Stop & Shop for the great refreshments they provided for our guests each day, and thank you to Cory Mills, our engineer, and Felicia Kirschner for coming everyday to take photos and video.

To hear and see any of the performances from the entire 2018 season, visit our YouTube channel here.  

This week's performances are below.  

  • Thursday, December 20 – Ketcham Keynotes
  • Wednesday, December 19 – Highland Elementary School Select Chorus
  • Tuesday, December 18 – Unionvale Middle School Select Chorus
  • Monday, December 17 – Borello Brothers with Eric Legatto

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