Odd News 12/7/18: Fast Food Burger Prices Have Skyrocketed in Past 10 years

Fast Food Hamburger Prices Have Skyrocketed in the Past Decade

The entire point of fast food is that it's FAST and CHEAP. So what happens when only one of those two things is true?

According to a new report, the prices of fast food hamburgers have SKYROCKETED in the past decade. They've gone up 54%, and the average burger now costs $6.95.

Of course, there ARE still cheaper options at the big chains . . . but even places like McDonald's have some burgers that cost well over $5.

So why have the prices gone up? Because the fast food joints realized we'd PAY MORE when they saw us doing it at slightly nicer places.

One analyst said, quote, "You used to go to fast food places with $5 and . . . get change. But when fast casual came around, like Chipotle and Five Guys, you expected to hand over $10. This changed how much fast food could charge."

(New York Post) Image (c) 2018 Getty Images


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