Odd News 11/27/18: You'll Spend Eight Months of Your Life on the Toilet

You'll Spend Eight Months of Your Life on the Toilet . . . Plus Five More Stats About Our Bathroom Habits

I do some of my best thinking in the bathroom. So I don't consider it lost time.

A new study found the average person spends just over 15 minutes a day on the toilet. That adds up to or almost two hours a week . . . and over a lifetime, you spend about eight months sitting on the toilet. Here are five more random stats from the study . . .

1. One-fifth of us feel weird if we don't have our phone with us on the toilet. And 5% of us have talked on the phone while using the bathroom. Which seems a little low.

2. The majority of men think it's weird to use a urinal right next to another guy if there are other urinals open. 65% said it's "unacceptable."

3. Women are more likely than men to strike up a conversation in a public bathroom. Probably at the sink or the mirror though, not while they're GOING to the bathroom.

4. One in three people said sitting on the toilet is one of the only times they get to be by themselves on a daily basis.

5. And what do you do if you use a public bathroom, then realize there's no toilet paper? 25% of people would ask a stranger to hand them some. But 24% said they'd wait until the coast was clear, then shuffle their way to another stall with their pants around their ankles. (???) (It's not clear what the other 51% would do. But whatever it is . . . yuck!!)

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