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Who Smelt It? Who Dealt It? Controversy Erupts at a Darts Championship When Two Players Argue Over Who Passed Gas

Athletes are looking for whatever edge they can get . . . even if the sport seems random and the edge is FOUL.

Apparently that's what happened at the Grand Slam of Darts in England on Thursday, when a match ended in controversy . . . a "he who smelt it, dealt it" controversy.

A 47-year-old guy named Gary Anderson, who's a two-time world champion, beat a 34-year-old guy named Wesley Harms. But afterwards, Wesley blamed it on Gary distracting him . . . by passing NASTY SILENT GAS.

He said, quote, "It'll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose."

Well . . . Gary is fighting back hard. Quote, "If the boy thinks I've tooted he's 1,010% wrong. I swear on my children's lives that it was not my fault."

In fact, he thinks it was WESLEY who was passing the gas. Quote, "Every time I walked past [him] there was a waft of rotten eggs."

So I guess we'll never know who dealt it. But since passing gas during a darts match isn't against the rules, odds are there's not going to be much of an investigation. 


The Hot Prank This Thanksgiving Is Asking Your Mom How to Microwave a Turkey

If you're not enough of a disappointment to your parents already, here's a new viral prank for you that will break their hearts even more.

People are texting their moms right now, asking them for advice on how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey in the MICROWAVE.

And even though you CAN technically cook a turkey in the microwave . . . your mom will find it SACRILEGIOUS for you to do it. Here are some of the best mom responses people have shared . . .

1. "You don't put a ***blankity-blank*** turkey in the microwave. I'm leaving to take grandpa to the doctors. Do not call me, you're stressing me out."

2. "That's all I ever wished for. A kid who is famous for cooking a rubbery salmonella-ridden carcass in an idiot microwave."

3. "You should be in charge of napkins or wine or something."

4. "Don't ever get married."

(Here is a collection of those text screenshots.)

Ten Types of Products, and How Good the Black Friday Deals Will Be

A study by last week found the average Black Friday discount this year is 37%. But it also depends on what you're trying to buy.

They posted another new study that looked at which types of products tend to have the deepest discounts compared to what they usually go for on Amazon. Here are the ten categories they looked at, and the average Black Friday deal for each one . . .

1. Jewelry . . . 73% cheaper on Black Friday than normal. By far the deepest discount.

2. Books, movies, and music . . . 48% cheaper than usual.

3. Consumer packaged goods . . . 46% off. Meaning stuff we buy and replace all the time. So, that would be things like paper towels and bottled water.

4. Video games . . . 39%.

5. Furniture . . . 37%.

6. Toys . . . 37%.

7. Clothes and accessories . . . 33%.

8. Appliances . . . 30%.

9. Consumer electronics, like TVs and speakers . . . 26%.

10. Computers and phones . . . 25%.

(Wallet Hub)


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