Tonight is the Lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!

This year's New York City Rockefeller Christmas Tree is from my hometown!  I drove by the site everyday for about a week, wondering....'what's going on over there'? with police cars and some activity.  Low and behold, the tree on the back of the property, visible from the road is going to be THE TREE!  I was lucky enough to receive a gift, from THE TREE!

Ready to light up New York City and the lives of millions of people on television and in person, this year's Rockefeller Christmas Tree made it's trip from upstate New York to be the star of this year's holiday season.  Enjoy every light, the scent and the site!!!  What a 'Shelby, the 72' Spruce'!

Video courtesy, / Photo courtesy, Michelle Taylor's iPhone 



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