This Afternoon's Odd News 11/13/18

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People Are Officially Giving Up on Being Healthy Until 2019

This is a tough time of year to try to lose weight and get in shape. So instead of trying, failing, and getting frustrated . . . wouldn't it be WAY better not to try at all?

According to a new survey, 45% of Americans say they're officially giving up on trying to be healthy for the rest of 2018. For the last month-and-a-half of this year, they're just going to eat and drink whatever they want, and deal with it in 2019.

Here are a few more stats from the survey . . .

1. The average person will gain six pounds over the holiday season, and only 12% will make it through without gaining any weight

2. We'll overeat on 13 separate days between Thanksgiving and January 1st.

3. 51% of people will stop exercising regularly during the holiday season.

4. And . . . 34% already have their New Year's resolution planned to try to undo some of the damage.

(New York Post)

You'll Spend Almost $100,000 on Christmas in Your Lifetime

Christmas spirit doesn't come cheap.  A new study found that the average person will spend almost $100,000 on Christmas throughout their life. That's $1,556 per year for 60 years. And here's how that breaks down . . .

1. $235 per year on decorations and stuff for the home.

2. $301 on food.

3. $375 on gifts.

4. And $645 on hosting parties, dinners, and fixing up your home before guests come.

Now, your breakdown could vary . . . like, if you are traveling, you spend money on that instead of hosting.

But on average it all comes out to around $1,500 a year . . . which gets you close to six figures over your adult life.


Four Things That Can Make Your Co-Workers Think You're Dumb

No matter how smart and hardworking you are, people can still get the wrong idea. Here's a list of four things that can make you look DUMB at work. And they're all backed by science . . .

1. Using emojis in your emails. A series of studies last year found they can make you seem less competent. Most people still think they're just too informal for work emails.

2. Telling inappropriate jokes. A study in 2016 found that telling a GOOD joke is one of the BEST ways to seem smart and competent at work. But jokes that involve swearing or inappropriate topics can have the opposite effect.

3. Swearing in general. A Career Builder survey in 2012 found about half of us DO swear at work sometimes. And the same survey also found over 50% of bosses think swearing makes employees seem less intelligent.

4. Never asking for advice. A Harvard Business School study found most of us think asking for advice would make us seem less capable. But we have the opposite opinion when other people do it, and see them as MORE capable when they ask for advice.

(Business Insider)


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