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The Three Excuses People Give When They Don't Like Your Thanksgiving Cooking . . . Plus the Top Five Thanksgiving Fails

There's no such thing as "saving room for dessert" at a meal. Everyone knows it just goes into your special dessert stomach.

A new survey found the EXCUSES people give when they don't like your Thanksgiving cooking and they want to get out of eating it.

And the top three are: I'm saving room for dessert . . . I had a big breakfast . . . and I'm on a diet.

The survey also found the top five "Thanksgiving fails," and they are . . .

Not having all of the cooking done on time . . . overcooking the turkey . . . not having enough chairs . . . forgetting the cranberry sauce . . . and spilling something on the floor.

(New York Post)

(BE CAREFUL THIS THANKSGIVING, because there's a turkey salmonella outbreak going on.)

A Guy Breaks Into the Zoo, Then Tries to Command the Animals to Attack the Zookeeper

This guy must think he is the dry-land Aquaman… it’ll make sense in a moment.

There's a 37-year-old guy named Joseph Binford, and he broke into the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri after it closed last week.

A zookeeper spotted him and confronted him, but Joseph was prepared. He COMMANDED the animals to attack the zookeeper for him.

Unfortunately for him, the cheetahs who were nearby ignored his commands. Cheetahs make bad soldiers, I guess.

The zookeeper called the cops, and they came and arrested Joseph. He fought against them and even tried to grab the cop's gun at one point.

He was charged with disarming an officer, assault, and trespassing.

(Springfield News-Leader

Ten Ways You're Most Likely to Crack Your Phone Screen

A recent survey found 12% of us are currently walking around using a phone with a cracked screen. About 1,000 people were asked HOW they cracked their phone.

According to the survey, here are the ten ways you're most likely to crack yours . . .

1. General use. Meaning you have it a while, and drop it enough times that it eventually breaks.

2. Dropping it after you've had a night out on the town.

3. Dropping it in the toilet, and it cracks when it hits the porcelain.

4. Sitting down and forgetting it's in your back pocket.

5. Your child dropping it or throwing it on the floor.

6. Dropping it while trying to text one-handed.

7. Tossing it on your bed or sofa, then it bounces off and hits the floor.

8. Dropping it while you're exercising.

9. Throwing it out of anger.

10. Tossing it to someone, and they don't catch it.

Dropping it while taking a selfie just missed the top ten in 11th place.



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