This Afternoon's Odd News 11/9/18

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The Average Person Will Drop $520 on Black Friday

The Black Friday ads are all starting to leak online, and apparently, they're making everyone get their credit cards ready.

According to a new survey, the average American who shops on Black Friday will spend $520. And we'll shop at an average of three different stores or websites.

The survey also found the 10 things people are most excited about buying on Black Friday. They are:

1. Clothes, 53%.

2. A laptop, 47%.

3. A TV, 37%.

4. Jewelry, 26%.

5. Toys, 26%.

6. An iPhone, 25%.

7. Video games, 25%.

8. Smart home products, like an Amazon Echo, 24%.

9. Kitchen products, like Instant Pots, 24%.

10. An iPad, 18%.

(SWNS Digital) 

Would You Go Temporarily Blind or Go to Jail For a Year for $10,000? How About $1,000?

I'm looking at these survey results and we've GOT to improve our self-worth, people.

A new survey asked people what they'd do for $10,000 . . . $1,000 . . . or half off a TV. And here are some of the results . . .

1. 11% of people would have a COLD for a year for $10,000. 8% would do it for $1,000 . . . and 8% would do it for half off a TV.

2. 7% would go BLIND for a MONTH for $10,000. 5% would do it for $1,000 . . . and 4% would do it for half off a TV.

3. 10% would give away their pet for $10,000. 9% would do it for $1,000 . . . and 7% would do it for half off a TV.

4. 15% would live alone on a deserted island for a week for $10,000. 9% would do it for $1,000 . . . and 6% would do it for half off a TV.

5. And finally, 3% would go to JAIL for a YEAR for $10,000. 2% would do it for $1,000 . . . and 2% would do it for half off a TV.

(SWNS Digital) 

Someone Keeps Having Soup Delivered to a Guy's House in the Creepiest Way Possible

Look, I'm not someone who's ever going to turn down FREE SOUP. But this MIGHT be the one case where I'd pass.

A woman in New York City just tweeted out a post that someone made on her neighborhood message board. And we'll just let it speak for itself . . .

Quote, "Someone keeps delivering soup to my house with a note that says 'soup for my perfect little soup boy.' I appreciate the free food but I don't like soup. Please stop."

As far as we know, the source of the soup is still a mystery . . . and it's also unclear what makes the guy getting the soup a, quote, "perfect little soup boy."



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