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The Top Ten Simple Tasks That Get Harder as You Age

We take a lot of things for granted, especially when we’re young. A new survey talked to 1,500 people over the age of 60 and asked them to name things that have gotten harder as they’ve gotten older.

Here are the top ten simple tasks that get a lot harder as you age . . .

1. Picking things up off the floor.

2. Opening jars or packaging.

3. Getting up and down the stairs.

4. Household chores.

5. Getting in and out of the bathtub.

6. Standing up out of a chair.

7. Walking long distances.

8. Using modern technology.

9. Putting your shoes on, and taking them off.

10. Driving.


What Does Each State Google About Thanksgiving?

I think sometimes we forget that Google is literally keeping track of EVERY weird thing we search for.

A new study looked at searches from last November to find what people in every state were Googling way more than people in most other states. Here are the highlights . . .

1. The top search for 10 states was "What is Thanksgiving?" and the top search for another 10 was "When is Thanksgiving." On the bright side, no states had searches for "Who is Thanksgiving?"

2. In Colorado, the top search was "turkey bowling" . . . which involves rolling a frozen turkey at bottles.

3. Three states asked "Does England celebrate Thanksgiving?" . . . those were Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. And in Missouri, they asked "Does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving?"

4. South Dakota apparently needed help finding meaning in the holiday, because the top search was "Things to be thankful for."

5. And finally, four states had searches that showed NO confidence in whoever was cooking for Thanksgiving . . . in Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, and Kentucky, people were searching for "Restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me."

(Century Link(Here are the results for every state.) 

A Guy Won't Stop For the Police to Avoid Being Late to Work . . . and Winds Up in a Chase

Some cops in Columbus, Indiana were patrolling and driving slowly last Friday morning when a 28-year-old guy named Jacob Waltermire pulled up behind them and started HONKING and waving at them.

They pulled over to see if he needed help . . . but he just blew right past them.  They noticed he only had one working brake light, so they tried to pull him over . . . but he wouldn't stop. And they wound up chasing him for more than a mile, before he pulled into a parking lot . . . his WORK parking lot.

It turns out Jacob was trying to not be late to work, and that's why he honked at the cops and wouldn't pull over. BUT . . . instead of being late to work, he wound up missing it altogether when they arrested him for a felony charge of resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.

(The Republic


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