This Afternoon's Odd News 11/6/18

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Uncle Returns To Family Home Two Weeks After His Funeral

A man from Kazakhstan, was reported missing back in July. When nothing changed after two months, he was presumed dead...especially when a corpse was found near his home...and the DNA matched him to the tune of 99-point-92%. So it was quite a shock when he came walking through the door of his family home a couple of months after his funeral.

It turns out the family had buried the wrong guy! So where was he really? He was apparently offered a four-month job on a farm far away, leaving without notifying his family members. When he came back despite the DNA testing, funeral and death certificate in his name, his niece nearly fainted.

So what of the DNA testing that supposedly proved he was dead? The scientist who carried out the test says that the 0-point-08 percent unlikelihood of a match is the key. “It is impossible to state unequivocally that this is the body of a person, relying only on the results of the DNA examination,” he adds.


Traveling during the Holiday Season? Here Are the Three Filthiest Surfaces on an Airplane

A big part of surviving air travel is not thinking about all of the FILTHY GERMS floating around in that small, contained space.

A new study found the three surfaces on an airplane that have the highest levels of bacteria . . . and sometimes even bacteria that can make you sick. They are . . .

1. The headrests. They aren't disinfected very often, and they definitely aren't cleaned that well between flights.

2. The seat pockets. Flight attendants say they've found things in seat pockets like half-eaten sandwiches, dirty diapers, used condoms, used male and feminine products if you know what I mean!

3. The tray tables.

Now you know. Pack your Purell.

(The Points Guy) 

A Fisherman Rescues an 18-Month-Old Boy From the Ocean in a "Freakish Miracle"

This might be one of the best examples of "right place at the right time" EVER.

There's a guy named Gus Hutt, and he was camping in Matata, New Zealand last week. He'd been fishing in the same spot every morning, but that day, he randomly decided to try a different spot about 300 feet away.

And while he was out in the ocean, he saw a small figure floating in the water. He thought it might be a doll, but when he got closer to it, he realized . . . it was an 18-MONTH-OLD BABY.

Apparently the baby managed to escape from his parents' tent in a campground while they were still asleep, and he wandered into the ocean.

Gus scooped him out of the water, wrapped him up in towels, and took him back to shore. And, amazingly, the baby is going to be totally fine.

The woman who owns the campground says the rescue was a, quote, "freakish miracle."

(New Zealand Herald / BBC


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