This Afternoon's Odd News 10/26/18

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The Top 10 Simple Things That Adults Are Embarrassed They Can't Do

There's no manual for how to master the most basic life skills. And that's too bad, because it turns out a lot of people could really use it.

There's a discussion on Reddit where people are sharing the very simple things that other adults seem to be fine at doing, but they're embarrassed they can't do. And here are 10 of the best answers:

1. Swallowing pills.

2. Remembering directions.

3. Tying a balloon.

4. Confrontation.

5. Dancing.

6. Remembering people's names the second after they introduce themselves.

7. Whistling, especially with the two-finger method.

8. Shuffling a deck of cards.

9. Tying a tie.

10. Winking.


Here's How Long You Spend Looking at Your Phone in a Year

If you're wondering where all your time is going, here's THE answer. You're literally wasting your life staring at your phone.

A new survey found the average Android user spends three hours and 42 minutes a day looking at their phone, and the average iPhone user spends four hours and 54 minutes.

That means in a year, Android people are looking at their phones for more than 56 entire days a year, and iPhone people are looking at theirs for more than 74 entire days.


A Very Slow Criminal Got Chased Down by a Guy on a Riding Mower

If you can't run faster than this, you deserve to be caught . . .

A woman named Debra Grebas tried to cash a bogus check using someone else's ID in Lincoln, Nebraska last Saturday. Then she crashed her car trying to outrun the cops and got arrested.

But a 23-year-old guy named Deandre France was also in the car with her, working as her accomplice. And he tried to take off on foot.

And somehow, a random guy managed to chase him down on a RIDING MOWER.

There's police helicopter footage that shows the end of it. You can see the guy on the lawnmower tearing down the sidewalk at about eight miles an hour. Then he follows Deandre behind a house.

A cop car pulls up right after that, and the guy on the mower walks out holding Deandre by the arm.

Turns out the guy's name is John Massie. And he was working a job for a lawn care company when he saw it all go down.

The woman Deandre was with got arrested for forgery. And he's facing charges for criminal possession of a transaction device.



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