This Afternoon's Odd News 10/23/18

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In Theory, You Could Buy Every Possible Ticket Combo For Tonight's Mega Millions and Still Turn a Profit

Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is $1.6 billion. And you might wonder: If I bought every single possible ticket combination to guarantee myself a win, would I turn a profit?

The answer is . . . yes, in theory. But there are some BIG catches.

First, you'd need to buy 302,575,350 tickets to get every combo. That would cost you just over $605 million. So you'd have to find a way to put up that much cash up front.

You'd also need a syndicate of nearly 700,000 people filling out tickets for 10 straight hours today to have time to buy all the possible ticket combinations, since just doing Quick Picks won't work.

Then the lump sum payout is an estimated $904 million . . . plus you'd win a lot of secondary jackpots, like for matching five numbers but not the final ball, which would net you roughly $75 million more. That would give you a total of $979 million in winnings, or $374 million in profit.

But that's before taxes, which knock off roughly 40%. That takes your winnings down to $587.4 million . . . or a LOSS of around $18 million.

And, worst of all, if someone else hit the jackpot, you'd have to split it. (Business Insider) 

"Did I Lock the Front Door" Is the #1 Thought That Instantly Stresses Us Out

Do you ever leave the house and have a sinking feeling you left something on? Like the oven, or your curling iron? A new survey found 80% of us have turned around and gone back to double-check.  According to the survey, here are the Top 10 nagging questions that can instantly stress us out. And most of them have to do with forgetting stuff at home . . .

1. "Did I lock the front door?"

2. "Do I have my phone?"

3. "Do I have my keys?"

4. "Do we have anything to make for dinner?"

5. "Did I leave a window open?"

6. "Did I leave a light on?"

7. "Did I lock the car?"

8. "Did I SHUT the front door?"

9. "Did I leave the stove or oven on?"

10. "Did I remember to turn off the heat or the A/C?" A few more from the top 25 include, "Did I leave the curling iron on?" . . . "Did I close the fridge?" . . . "Did I remember to pay that bill?" . . . and, "Did I make sure the cat is in?" (SWNS)

The Average Woman Would Need a 28-Hour Day to Get Everything Done

Do you have trouble getting everything done in a day? Here's a simple new secret for squeezing it all in: Invent a device that bends time. (???)

According to a new survey, the average woman needs a 28 hours in a day to get everything done.

That includes work, exercise, doing stuff around the house, spending time with family or friends, having at least a little time to relax, and getting a decent amount of sleep.

The survey didn't say how long of a day the average man would need to get everything done.

And since the day ISN'T 28 hours . . . what are women sacrificing? Sleep. The survey found a majority of women are getting around six-and-a-half hours of sleep each night.

(The Independent)


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