One Month From Today I'll Be On Television

Giving ALL the credit to Lori, Allison and Louise, three local gals who heard my plea three years ago to be a Balloon Handler in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  A couple of weeks ago I went for training, walking around the parking lot of 'Jets/Giants' stadium!  I'm BEYOND excited and a tad bit nervous, these balloons are so LARGE, but there's a large team who handle each balloon!

Each balloon could have upwards of 75 handlers, lead by a Pilot, a Coach and two Captains who are leading, directing and guiding us through the almost three mile parade route on Thanksgiving Day, so I'm in great hands.  A week prior, I'll know 'my balloon', and I'll make sure I'll share it with you!  

Photos courtesy, Michelle Taylor's iphone


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