Today is World Restart a Heart Day

Pictured here, starting next to Michelle, are our guests in the studio,  Danica, Erin, Mary and Nick, who came from Laerdal Medical to tell all of us about a special event taking place today at the Poughkeepsie Galleria between 3 and 7 p.m. in Center Court.  

Laerdal Medical is supporting World Restart a Heart Day, a world initiative to raise awareness about the critical role bystander-CPR plays in saving lives and improving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest.  This is something in which we all share an interest and an important and meaningful way any individual can help.  Maybe you've thought about learning this skill, or you're rusty and feel as though you need a "refresher."  Here's the perfect solution!

Laerdal Medical will be teaching participants the basics of CPR and providing them the opportunity to practice their skills in a fun and engaging way playing their "CPR Race Game."  Participants will have the chance to win a $50 American Express gift card for performing the best quality CPR of their group.  In any case, whether you play or you don't, you'll leave knowing you just learned a skill that could someday save someone's life.  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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