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*LIST* Most Searched Halloween Costumes For 2018, According To Google

For some folks, Halloween is the best holiday of the year and they’ve been planning what to dress up as since last November 1st. Then there are those of us who are still trying to decide what costume to wear this year, or we haven’t been able to get our kiddos to commit to one yet so we’re still looking. And if you’re hoping to avoid dressing up as the same thing everyone else is going to be this Halloween, Google is here to help with a list of the most searched for costumes of 2018.

10) Princess - With two high profile royal weddings this year, it makes sense that princesses are a popular choice for Halloween costumes.

9) Rabbit - How about Ralphie’s bunny outfit in A Christmas Story?

8) Pirate - Yo-ho, from the classic pirate look to one more Johnny Depp-like, there’s a good chance you’ll see a pirate this year.

7) Superhero - From Wonder Woman to Black Panther, there will be lots of superheroes out this Halloween. And here’s a fun fact: Google reports that comic book characters make up 11% of all costume searches.

6) Harley Quinn - People love this villain and she’s consistently listed as one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

5) Witch - It’s a classic costume and with “Hocus Pocus” turning 25 this year, expect to see a lot of witches and some Sanderson sisters.

4) Dinosaur - “Jurassic World” may have inspired lots of trick-or-treaters to be a dinosaur this year.

3) Unicorn - This mythical creature is still as popular as ever, so you’re almost certain to run into a unicorn for Halloween.

2) Spider-Man - Of all the comic book characters, Spidey seems to be the one everyone wants to be.

1) Fortnite - This was the most searched-for costume in 43 states, according to Google, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of these this year.

Source: Glamour

Tanned Couple Funds Vacations By Stealing From Parking Meters

Why are Alan Shelton and John Riley so tan? Well, they spent “11 months of the year” having fun in the sun on vacation. Thing is, they’ve reportedly been funding those vacations by stealing almost $50,000 from parking meters and manipulating the transaction logs.

The couple, who both work as parking attendants at The Mall shopping center in England, have pleaded guilty to teaming up to open and steal from the machines to pay for their luxury vacations.

What’s worse, victim impact statements showed how their crimes led to others being falsely accused and punished. For example, the general manager of The Mall says that he “broke down” after being wrongfully penalized for the couple’s acts. So, Shelton has been sentenced to about 8 months in prison and Riley for about 6 months.

Source: Mirror

Police Use Doritos To Lure Mini-Horse-Sized Pig

Police in San Bernardino, California recently took a creative approach to wrangling a runaway pig. According to a post on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office’s Instagram, deputies responded to reports of a pig “the size of a mini horse” on the loose through the neighborhood. So, they took out some Doritos chips and used them to lure the piggy back to its home.


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