Leaf Peeping from the Daily Garage Roof

I wanted you to see how brave I am.


The actual reason I'm up there though, is that there's some sort of vine growing around us and covering the trees nearby that, if I were not to assert myself against it every year about this time, would devour the entire garage in probably about 3 years' time.   I'm trying not to take it personally.  

Well, while I was up there on the roof, I did notice that most of the trees were still green, far from "peak." autumn color.  If you look forward to and even travel to enjoy Peak Leaf Peeping Time here in the Hudson Valley as well as other areas of NYS, all the information you need can be found here, at the I Love NY website.  

Be very careful everyone, if you have to do any ladder climbing, or be on the roof for any reason, like, maybe if you're a fiddler.

photo taken by Charlotte (on hand to hold the ladder)


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