This Afternoon's Odd News 10/12/18

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There's New Underwear Designed to Keep Dads From Getting Kicked in the Privates by Their Babies

This is a VERY niche product . . . but there are at least a few guys out there who WISH they'd had it back when their kids were babies. It's called FridaBalls. And it's a pair of men's boxer briefs with a REINFORCED FRONT.

Why? So when you're wearing your baby in a baby carrier and his legs are flying, you won't be in horrible pain when one inevitably whacks you in your privates! They cost $28 for a pair.

(New York Post) 

A Guy Divorces His Wife After He Spots Her with Another Man on Google Street View

If you're doing something you shouldn't be doing and you see the GOOGLE MAPS car rolling by . . . wouldn't you stop?

A guy in Lima, Peru was recently looking at a bridge near his house on Google Street View, and he saw his WIFE sitting on a bench . . . playing with another man's hair.

The pictures were from 2013, but he confronted her . . . and she admitted she had an affair. So now they're getting divorced.


One Top Sign That You're a Good Couple Is Also the Thing You Do That Annoys Your Friends the Most

Does it make you crazy when your couple friends do that thing where it sounds like they've mind-melded into one brain? Like instead of speaking for themselves, it's all "Yeah, we like that place" or "No, we haven't watched that yet"?

Well . . . as annoying as it is, according to a new study out of the University of California, Riverside, it's actually one of the top signs that they're a GOOD COUPLE.

The researchers found that couples who did a lot of "we talk" or "us talk" were happier with each other and in healthier relationships than people who didn't.

Quote, "'We-talk' is an indicator of interdependence and general positivity in romantic relationships . . . it indicates positive functioning overall."

And if you're not a "we-talk" couple . . . they say if YOU suck it up and start, it might help improve your relationship too.

(Psychology Today)


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