This Afternoon's Odd News 10/10/18

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Sleeping Too Much Is Just as Bad as Sleeping Too Little?

Hey, here's a slight silver lining for everyone else like me who sleeps for around five or six hours a night. We don't need to be jealous of the people who manage to sleep for 11 straight hours. According to a new study, sleeping too much is just as bad as sleeping too little.

The researchers found that people who slept for four or five hours a night would perform on tests like their brains were nine years older. BUT . . . they saw the same effect on people who slept for over 10 hours a night too.

The biggest abilities you lose when you sleep too much or too little are your reasoning and verbal skills.

So it's probably best not to get into a serious argument or negotiation when you're super tired . . . or super well-rested.

(Medical Xpress) 

A Man Who Stole Dozens of Garden Gnomes Is Now a Fugitive on the Run

Imagine becoming a FUGITIVE because you're addicted to stealing small, ugly lawn ornaments.

There's a 44-year-old guy named Barton Bishop in Louisville, Kentucky. He was arrested back in July for stealing various things, including GARDEN GNOMES from people's yards. DOZENS of garden gnomes.

Well . . . Barton was due in court a few weeks ago to face 67 counts of receiving stolen property, but he never showed.

So now, there's a warrant out for his arrest, and the Louisville police are looking for help tracking him down. That's right: He's a wanted man on the run, all over a bunch of gnomes. Excellent life choice.

(Fox 41 - Louisville) 

The Police Are Hunting For Two Thieves Who Look Like Milli Vanilli

Never trust anyone who looks like a disgraced pop star from the late '80s.

The police in Columbus, Ohio are hunting for two thieves who've used fake IDs to get temporary passes to at least half a dozen gyms. And then, once they're inside, they use bolt cutters to break into a bunch of lockers to steal other guys' wallets.

And the main feature of these two dudes is . . . they look weirdly similar to the two guys from MILLI VANILLI.

The detective who's heading up the case says, quote, "The running joke is Milli Vanilli. And maybe they do look like Milli Vanilli."

Anyway, the cops are hoping for help tracking them down . . . but so far they don't have any leads.



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