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Do You Hate One of Your Coworkers Because You Always Have to Cover For Them on Their Days Off?

I know Americans are never going to be accused of taking TOO MANY vacation days . . . but darn it, when your coworkers actually do take a day off, don't you kinda HATE them for it?

A new survey asked people what happens when one of their coworkers takes a day off and, clearly, a lot of companies don't have a good plan in place . . .

1. 53% of people say it makes their day more stressful.

2. 41% say they have to do extra work to cover for their coworker who's out . . . without any extra pay, obviously.

3. 40% say the work they're covering doesn't always get done WELL.

4. And 37% have grown to RESENT a coworker because of all the times they've had to cover for them.

The survey also found 56% of people feel GUILTY about taking time off and having someone cover for them . . . and 21% say the person who covers for them usually makes less money than them. (New York Post

The Top 10 Little Things That Stress Us Out on a Daily Basis

FULL STORY: The average person spends 93% of their waking hours totally stressed out. Full disclosure . . . I just made that stat up. But it doesn't sound THAT far off from reality, right?

A new survey found the little things that stress us out on a daily basis… Here are the top 10:

1. Your computer freezing.

2. Slow Internet.

3. Screaming kids.

4. Misplacing your wallet.

5. Traffic.

6. Being late.

7. Misplacing your phone.

8. Annoying coworkers.

9. Being on hold with customer service.

10. A rude waiter.

(SWNS Digital)

Guy Lists “Used Girlfriend” On eBay

A guy thought he had played the perfect practical joke on his girlfriend by putting her up for sale as a “used girlfriend” on eBay. But it backfired once he started receiving bids exceeding $90-thousand.

Dale Leeks posted a picture of his “used girlfriend” Kelly Greaves on eBay in the United Kingdom, listing her condition as “for parts or not working” citing a “constant whining noise.” For an extra jab, he described her as “fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.” He and his girlfriend had a laugh about the prank, with the girlfriend thinking no one would see it – that is, until he started getting offers.

First, Leeks was just getting bids and messages on eBay from amused friends who had seen the prank. But soon, he was getting very real bids from around the world for thousands of dollars. It goes without mentioning that many of the messages from the interested buyers were a little creepy, too. Luckily, eBay has since taken the listing down. No word if he still has the girlfriend...



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