Our Annual Pumpkin Pickin' Weekend

Charlotte and I really enjoy the annual pumpkin picking party hosted by our daughter, Mary, and her husband, Isaac.  Everyone joins in the fun--11 of us currently.  Here is our grandson, Jack with his pick.  Official rules sate that you must be able to carry your pumpkin, which, for the time being at least, is preventing the selection of one of the mega-sized ones, such as was used by the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella to make the coach (my standard).  

And this happy pumpkin picker is our granddaughter, Kaylee.  

The weather was the perfect combination of not-hot and a bit overcast, helping to create, along with the smell of apples and apple cider donuts,  that inimitable Fall ambiance.  (Plus there were some cows down the road I think.)

I'm pretty sure this is the "World's Largest Pumpkin Canon."  At frequent intervals throughout the day, some unsuspecting pumpkin was sent flying a very long distance into the trees, accompanied by a very loud boom and cheers from the onlookers.  (Except for Charlotte, who was not cheering, because she felt sorry for the pumpkins.)

Here I am with our daughters, Aubrey and Mary, and, hidden in the wings, another little pumpkin picker who will be joining us next year.  

Not pictured here, and just out of range, are all the adults indulging in apple cider donuts and wine samples.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook (thank you Isaac!)


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