This Afternoon's Odd News 10/5/18

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A Postal Worker Quit in the Middle of His Shift and Left a Bunch of Mail on the Side of the Road

I'd really love to know what was going through this guy's head when he decided to quit his job in such an EPIC way.

A U.S. postal worker was on his route in Pennsauken, New Jersey last month when, apparently, he decided to QUIT right in the middle of his shift.

So . . . he dumped a bunch of mail by the side of the road and headed off.

Someone took a picture of all the mail sitting on the road and posted it on Facebook . . . and now it's going viral.  

The Postal Service says they have tracked him down but they, quote, "do not anticipate any further action" against him. They didn't say what motivated him to quit so suddenly . . . or what happened to all the mail he dumped.

(NJ Advance Media)

The New Trendy Term Lazy Husbands Should Know Is "Emotional Labor"

"The New York Post"just did a big write-up on a trendy new term lazy husbands should know called "emotional labor." And it's all about taking the LEAD on things.

A lot of women feel like a MOM in the relationship, where they constantly have to ask their boyfriend or husband to do stuff. And it ends up stressing both people out. But "emotional labor" isn't just about doing chores or being lazy.

It also involves the "mental load" of things like tracking your kid's calendar and knowing when their next doctor visit is. Stuff like that takes time, effort, and focus. And women tend to shoulder more of the responsibility, and more of the stress that comes with it.

(Here's the "want you to WANT to do the dishes" scene from "The Break-Up.")

20% of Us Have Skeletons in Our Closet That Could Prevent Us from Going Into Politics

Do you have any skeletons in your closet that might prevent you from going into politics? The whole Judge Kavanaugh thing makes it a relevant question. So a new poll asked over 4,000 people.

And 1 in 5 said there IS something in their past that could probably be used against them if they were suddenly in the public eye.

64% claimed they didn't have any skeletons in their closet . . . and 16% weren't sure.


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