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Here Are the Eight Key Elements of Throwing a Party That People Won't Leave in 20 Minutes

According to a new survey, when you throw a party, you have 20 minutes or less to impress someone or they're going to leave. We're all so lucky to have such good friends.  So if you want to throw a good party that actually makes people want to STAY, here's what you need to do. The survey found the eight key elements of throwing a good party . . . check 'em out.

1. Offer someone a drink in under eight minutes.

2. Talk to your guests within eight minutes of them getting there.

3. Offer someone a snack in less than 10 minutes.

4. Offer a drink refill within 20 minutes.

5. Don't talk about politics or money.

6. Talk about TV shows, movies, or food.

7. Don't ask people to take their shoes off.

8. And make sure the party will look good in Instagram photos.

(New York Post) 

It's National Boyfriend Day . . . Will You Actually Do Something to Celebrate?

Today is National Boyfriend Day. You probably didn't know that . . . but now that you do, are you going to slap something nice together for your boyfriend?

According to a new survey, when one out of six women in relationships found out about National Boyfriend Day, they were like . . . yeah, no, I'm not going to do anything for him.

Out of the women who ARE going to celebrate, 24% plan to cook a nice dinner . . . 23% are planning a date . . . 10% will buy a present . . . and just over 1% will buy their boyfriend flowers.

The survey also found that 9% of SINGLE women say they'd rather have pets and food than a boyfriend.

(National Today(There's no official National Girlfriend Day that we know of, so just plan on celebrating it when everyone else does, on February 14th.) 

A Burglar Tries to Throw a Brick Through a Glass Window . . . But It Bounces Back and Hits Him in the Face

Sometimes karma hits back REALLY quickly. A guy tried to break into a restaurant in Maryland a few weeks ago. He managed to get inside, and his plan was to throw a brick through the window in front of the counter, so he could get back there and rob the place.

But he didn't realize the window was made out of BULLETPROOF GLASS. So when he threw the brick, it bounced right off the window . . . and hit him square in the FACE. He went down immediately, and stayed down for a few minutes before he ran away empty handed.

The cops just released the surveillance video of him getting knocked out . . . and they're trying to track him down by asking people to report someone with a, quote, "suspicious head injury."

(UPI(Here's the full video.)


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