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If We Had Three-Day Weekends, We'd All Be Way Better at Our Jobs

I'm not sure your boss is going to go for this, but maybe it's worth a shot? The big key to you becoming a better, more productive, and happier employee is . . . Fridays off every single week.

There's an economist at the University of Oxford in England named Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, and he says that studies show that we'd all be better workers if we always had three-day weekends.

Quote, "I would argue the four-day work week is spot on in striking that right balance between improving the work-life balance and unlocking . . . productivity gains. This outweighs the net reduction in productivity from working a day less."

In other words, you'll get more done in four days than you do in five . . . if you can start spending that fifth day doing anything BUT working.

(Business Insider) 

Your Dog Gets Depressed When He Sees You Using Your Phone

It turns out your friends, your significant other, your family, your coworkers, and your kids aren't the only ones who get bummed out when you totally ignore them to stare at your phone. That feeling crosses SPECIES. According to a new study, your DOG also gets depressed when he sees you using your phone.

The researchers say that your dog picks up on the fact that you're ignoring him when you're using your phone . . . and that can make him more anxious. Eventually, all that anxiety can add up to depression.

The study also found your cat doesn't love when you're on your phone either, but since they're less social than dogs, it doesn't bother them as much. And really, if your cat had a phone, it would totally use it as a way to ignore you too.

(ABC 13 - Houston(And I've got a few related stories for you. When you're holding your phone, you're less likely to smile . . . and it turns out dogs aren't any smarter than most other animals.) 

A 31-Year-Old Woman Assaults Her Much-Older Husband When He Complains About Her Vacuuming at 3:00 A.M.

A big problem with a May-December romance is that your schedules don't always sync up. Although, if this woman had just waited another hour, her much-older husband might have been up for breakfast anyway . . .

Last Tuesday, 31-year-old Holly Akers decided to go on a cleaning binge and vacuum her house in Tampa, Florida at THREE IN THE MORNING. And it woke her husband up.

We don't know his exact age, but he's over 65. So he's at least 34 years older than her, or more than twice her age.

He tried moving rooms to get away from the noise, but she kept following him. So it sounds like maybe she was TRYING to cause drama.

Then they got into a fight about it, and she hit him on the nose with one of the vacuum attachments.

He only ended up with a scratch, but called the cops. She denied hitting him, but she's now facing a felony charge for battery on a person 65 or older. Yup complete with a mugshot.

( / WTFFlorida)


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