A Wonderful Day on the Walkway!

First of all, I had not until last Saturday seen the beautiful Welcome Center on the Highland side of the Walkway Over the Hudson.  Wow!  I was somewhat shocked because it is just SO nice!  JOB WELL DONE!-- another great showcase for our beautiful Hudson River Valley.

The weather was perfect on Saturday too, so the 9th Annual Premier Cares Prostate Cancer Walk was a big success in every way.  Another fabulous turnout of walkers from all over the area and beyond!  

This year, to kick things off and set the pace, we were joined by the enthusiastic Hudson Valley Alumni Corps Guard/Drum Line.  They really helped put the spring in everyone's step!  Find out more about them here.  

It was a great community event, supported by so many wonderful sponsors.  You can see more photos and learn more about the Premier Cares Foundation here.  

In the photo above is Dr. Evan Goldfischer just before he made his opening remarks, and before that, a picture of the Board of Directors and staff members of the Premier Cares Foundation.  (They have their sneakers on behind the banner.) 

And here we have Amy Irwin (your far left), Monica Metty, and on your far right, Gia McCormack--thanks to you and the entire staff for the compassion, dedication and hard work it took to make this event the success it was, supporting the outreach and assistance provided by the Premier Cares Foundation.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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