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The Top 20 Things That Are Overpriced, Plus Five We're Willing to Splurge On

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans what the most OVERPRICED things are. And concert tickets were number one.

69% of people in the survey said they're overpriced. College tuition and health insurance tied for SECOND at 60%.

Here are the top 20 things Americans think are overpriced . . .

Concert tickets . . . college tuition . . . health insurance . . . movie theater popcorn . . . gas . . . tickets to sporting events . . . car repairs . . . movie tickets . . . cigarettes . . .

Car insurance . . . Apple products . . . rent . . . cable . . . airline tickets . . . weddings . . . medicine . . . hotels . . . utilities . . . wine at restaurants . . . and textbooks.

The survey also found we begrudgingly spend an extra $229 a month on stuff we think is overpriced. But there ARE some things we're willing to splurge on.

The top five splurge-worthy items are quality toilet paper . . . good toothpaste . . . expensive skincare products . . . good shoes . . . and good coffee.

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The "Flintstones" Car That You Pedal Is Now Here

Good job, technology . . . it took until 2018, but we FINALLY caught up with a modern Stone Age family.

A Dutch engineering company just created a car that you move with your feet. Yes . . . like in "The Flintstones".

The big difference is that you don't have to run on the ground to make the car move . . . instead of a gas pedal, it's got a set of bicycle pedals. And to make the car go, you've gotta use 'em.

You don't use your feet to brake though, you use a hand brake on the steering wheel . . . kind of like how the brake on a bike works.

The people who created the car say you could burn 300 calories during your half-hour commute.

So when will we get these cars? That's not clear. They have an international patent on it, so we COULD see it over here at some point, but they're planning to start by selling it in the Netherlands.


Fans Duped By Fake Celebrity Accounts

If you ever find yourself getting a message on social media from one of your favorite celebrities, be warned – it's probably an imposter. According to reports, Fans are being scammed out of tons of their hard-earned cash by fake celebrity accounts.

One Bruce Springsteen fan says that she was convinced by someone she thought to be the Boss and shelled out more than $11-thousand between gift cards and transfers… and she’s definitely not alone. Another fan of country star Kenny Chesney was conned into forking over $10-grand.

Now, celebrities, and companies like Western Union and MoneyGram, have started to warn people about the “Fan Scams.” Just to be safe, make sure you see a verification badge, usually a blue check mark, next to the person’s name if you’re ever contacted by a celebrity.

It’s not just fake celebrities getting into victims’ wallets, either. Federal Trade Commission officials say that all kinds of “imposter scams” have cost more than 350,000 people $328 million last year. Unfortunately, these frauds are a little hard to track down since they’re usually based abroad.

(CBS Chicago)


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