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Only 7% of Us Don't Like Pancakes, Plus More Stats for National Pancake Day

It's National Pancake Day . . . again. It was also National Pancake Day back on February 27th, when IHOP gave everyone a free short stack. Apparently just one day a year honoring pancakes isn't sufficient.

Anyway, here are three stats from a new survey about our undying love for flat, sugary goodness.

1. Only 7% of us don't like pancakes. 59% of people in the survey said they LOVE them . . . 34% said they "like" them . . . 5% don't like them . . . and 2% HATE them.

2. Our favorite type of pancake is buttermilk, with 33% of the vote. Blueberry pancakes are next with 19% . . . chocolate chip, 18% . . . plain, NON-buttermilk, 15% . . . and banana, 8%.

3. 62% of us said syrup is the best pancake topping . . . 10% said the butter is more important . . . 8% said fruit . . . 4% said warm fruit sauce . . . and 4% said peanut butter is the best thing to put on pancakes.

(It's not clear what the remaining 12% of us are putting on our pancakes.)

(National Today) 

A Teacher Was Fired For Giving Kids Zeroes When They Didn't Turn in Work

At this point, I don't even think KIDS want to be coddled as much as society coddles them.

There's a 52-year-old woman named Diane Tirado, and she's been a teacher for almost two decades. She started working as an eighth grade social studies teacher in Port St. Lucie, Florida this school year. Well . . . at the beginning of the year, she gave her class an assignment, to make an "explorer's notebook." They had two weeks, but some of them didn't turn anything in . . . so Diane gave them zeroes. And . . . earlier this month, she got FIRED for it.  It turns out the school has a policy that says the lowest grade a teacher can give a student is 50%. Which is crazy, as Diane says, quote, "If there's nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50%?" Even her students think it's ridiculous she got fired over the policy. One of them wrote on her Facebook post about the firing, quote, "You showed me to be responsible for my work and the things that I do." The school is standing by her firing. They put out a statement that said this was part of a pattern of her being, quote, "defiant" and she wasn't just fired over the grades.

(Orlando Sentinel / Newsweek)

Cops Have to Break Up a Couple's Fight Over Whether to Pop a Back Pimple

There's something weirdly satisfying about popping pimples. But if you like that popping sensation so much that the AUTHORITIES need to INTERVENE, maybe it's time to pump the brakes.  The cops in Bradenton, Florida got a call about a domestic situation at a house on Saturday.  And when they got there, they found out what the fight was about: A 75-year-old guy and his 55-year-old wife were arguing over POPPING A PIMPLE.  Apparently he had a nice, big one on his back and he wanted his wife to pop it. She wouldn't. And their argument got so intense that someone called 911. Fortunately, it didn't wind up escalating to any violence, so after the cops calmed both of them down, they left without having to arrest either of them. The police report doesn't say whether the pimple wound up being popped.

(The Smoking Gun)


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