BetterU Makeover Challenge Continues

Michelle and I were absolutely delighted to welcome Sheryl DeStafano-Bowe to the morning show yesterday morning.  Sheryl is one of the participants in this year's BetterU Program conducted by the Dutchess County American Heart Association.  What I want to highlight now is how much we are inspired by the courage, enthusiasm and resolve Sheryl and the rest of these women have, stepping up and taking on the exciting challenge of making life-enhancing adjustments to their habits of outlook and behavior, all of which hold the promise of a happier, healthier, pro-active life, a big boost in self-esteem and knowing they can count on themselves.  As you know, this is not easy, and all these women are putting themselves out there, working together, setting a tremendous example for the rest of us about what's possible, no matter what kinds of changes we would like to see in our lives--health-wise and otherwise.  Michelle and I are really in their corner!

The American Heart Association’s BetterU Program is sponsored and actively supported by Central Hudson, Gold’s Gym, and Health Quest Medical Practice.   A big thank you to all of them!  And be sure to save the date for the Go Red For Women Luncheon which we be held on November 9th at the Grandview.  YTickets for the Luncheon can be purchased online here.  And you can follow along with the BetterU Challengers at and #HVBetterU. 

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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