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The Top 10 Signs You Have a Well-Rounded Life

Here's some good news: Apparently it doesn't take THAT MUCH to have a nice, well-rounded life. Like, you don't need 17 hobbies, or to wake up at 3:00 A.M. for two hours of mindful meditation. The bar is SO much lower. A new survey asked people what goes in to having a good work-life balance. And here are their picks for the top 10 things you do that show you've got a well-rounded life . . .

1. Spending time with your family.

2. Watching TV and movies.

3. Getting enough sleep.

4. Taking time for yourself every day.

5. Listening to music or podcasts.

6. Spending time with friends.

7. Keeping your house clean and organized.

8. Enjoying romance.

9. Spending time outdoors, in nature.

10. Spending time with a pet.

(New York Post)

Couples Are Now Going to Therapy For Help Dealing with Their In-Laws

If stand-up comedians from the '80s taught us anything, it's that there's NOTHING worse than dealing with your in-laws. Well, that and men never putting the toilet seat down. But we're going to talk about the in-laws thing.  Apparently, more and more couples who don't really have any problems with each other are going to therapy . . . to get help dealing with their IN-LAWS.

Peter Pearson is a relationship coach in Menlo Park, California. And he says about one out of FIVE couples who see him now are there for help with in-law issues.  There are two main types of problems: Someone's jealous of how much time their partner spends with their family . . . or someone doesn't get along with their partner's parents.  Every situation is different, but Pearson says as a general rule, it's GOOD to get your in-law problems worked out before the tension grows too much and causes big problems. Because, quote, "Most of the time, it does not get better" on its own.

(Business Insider)

A prisoner in Australia was out on a work-release program the other day, and escaped during a bathroom break at a gas station …called "On the Run." 

We’ve heard of Mobil’s “On The Run” branded stores… not sure if this is one of theirs “down under” as police allege a 41-year-old prisoner fled from a prison bus about 8:30 in the morning local Australian time.

The Department for Correctional Services confirmed yesterday morning that the prisoner had escaped and said a search operation was underway in the area.

The spokesperson said the prisoner had made the escape while taking a bathroom break during a community program which pre-release prisoners were eligible for.



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